Sometimes Monday

is a good time to share some quilts.

Remember when Lori went to help families after the California fires? Last week there was a request for more quilts to distribute so I gathered a stack to send off. Over the years I have made so many quilts just because I love the process. I have been happy to give away, to a local women’s center, the city chaplain (who gives them to families in crisis), and to the hospice center. Seems like mailing a box to California is a good way to start my week.

Published by Juliann

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12 thoughts on “Sometimes Monday

  1. Your quilts will mean so much to a family that is dealing with the worst of times. The gift of your time is priceless.

  2. There is just something about the warmth of quilts. Giving warms your heart and receiving provides literal warmth. You are very kind to contribute.

  3. What a kind and generous thing to do! Those quilts will be especially precious to families dealing with WAY too much right now. A thing of beauty in a time of sorrow. . . XOXO

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