Unraveled Wednesday

The cooler weather has meant I get to wear my hand knit sweaters which is wonderful. Not so wonderful is the hole I found in the hem of my Ready for Fall sweater. It’s not huge but it is ragged enough that darning is going to be messy. This was my first color work project and I pulled the floats too tight so I had been contemplating unknitting and doing the color work in a larger needle. So, I guess that is the plan now. There will be some unraveling in my future.

I finished an audiobook this week. I really enjoyed the story until the end when it got a bit off track. I started reading The Chicken Who Saved Us. We are reading this book for an all-church read and the author will be joining us for an evening discussion. I’m pretty excited about this idea.

Happy Wednesday. Be sure to stop by and visit Kat today.

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14 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. I am a like mind with Kym… I think that hole could be an interesting and yes, artful mend!! And, yes! NapaGal’s mending is genius!

  2. oh yikes! I’m so sorry about the hole, but cannot imagine unraveling the sweater to fix it. adding my vote to the others to say “YES” to visible mending!

  3. I like Kym’s idea, too, but if you’re worried about fixing the entire thing then your plan might be better.

  4. Eek! It will be interesting to see how you finally decide to fix the hole. Now I need to check out your Chicken book.

  5. Bummer about the sweater. I was preparing to listen to an audiobook I”d checked out for my trip and only then realized it was a book! I wasn’t about to read it on my tiny iphone. I need to plan a trip to the library, although I think they are closed today. Have a wonderful day!

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