Since it was a long weekend, I thought I could stretch my weekending post. The extra day gave me some time to play with fabric. Lori has been talking about string quilts which inspired me to dig into my stash. I sorted and pulled some soft colors – low volume style. I used some muslin for the base and stitched up four blocks while I watched The Children Act. I have plenty of stash and now some nice piles of strings. Going to take my time on this one.

I finished Atomic Habits yesterday. I like a lot of the ideas about how to form habits. My favorite idea is to focus on systems that will get you to your goal. My most recent system is to make my lunch and snacks while I am making dinner. This has allowed me to be very consistent about having lunch for my work days. This was an audiobook. The author mentioned a lot of resources that are available on his website.

Better get started on dinner and think about lunches for the week. Don’t want to break my new habit! This

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9 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. Very pretty! It looks sort of muted and very relaxing to my eye.

    I often make my lunch while prepping dinner – it’s easy and then it’s done!

  2. I’m glad you found a way to make a habit that will work for you! I usually pack my lunch (and my daughter’s, if applicable) while making dinner, but that’s more of a necessity than a habit — there’s only so much time to get it all done when we get home every night!

  3. I actually did something quilting related this weekend – I went to a local fabric shop and bought backing for a log cabin quilt top I made ages ago. I’ve actually hired a friend to finish it for me but it’s (sort of) quilting!

  4. Next time we get together, I’m hoping to see Vintersol up close and would also like to see those string blocks in person. They’re very pretty!

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