What’s your word – January

This is the first January that I have not tried to do all sorts of prompts or decorate pages about my word. It seems fitting. In order to invite REST into my life, I needed to step back from the making and sink into this word. And it has been amazing! At least once a week I have found an email or text that references rest.

This one arrived last week, just days after two of my friends entered a season of grief and loss, when the winter crud was zapping our staff, and on a day when my knee was aching from trying to do too much.

So I rested. I sat on the couch with my knitting and my leg elevated. I wrote notes of sympathy and encouragement. I slowed down. It was good.

I have some plans for exploring this word in new ways next month but I am also looking forward to seeing how it shows up.

Now it’s your turn. How have you and your word been getting along?

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15 thoughts on “What’s your word – January

  1. I completely forgot about last Tuesday OLW! BUT…my Strength (my OLW) has been sapped by my current cold. I will check in next month! Meanwhile – thanks for the link – I love the line “Imitate the habit of twilight” – beautiful!

  2. Another person who forgot about the last Tuesday OLW, but I’ve already written a rough draft so I won’t forget in Feb. I like that Rest has been showing up for you and you’ve been paying attention.

  3. Rest is important in our self-care and how nice it can often include knitting. My very wise Mom would listen to me rant during our Friday evening conversations and then in her sweet quiet way tell me to consider a little rest over the weekend. By the way what does OLW stand for?

  4. It sounds like you are handling resting quite nicely. (I keep trying to add my link by inlinkz hates me these days)

    1. I wonder if it is because it is the free version? I almost forgot about the link up and didn’t have time to find the paid version for the link up. Too much resting 😉

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  5. Yours is a word that we all could add to our repertoire, no doubt…some days I take extreme advantage of “resting,” and thus wind up being behind, ahem…must learn to balance that. I hope your knee’s better and I am sure your notes comfort your friends.
    Rest up!

  6. We’re trying to THRIVE by making time for ourselves (partner & i, in the midst of a sick parent, four children, full time jobs & friends in crisis). I haven’t journalled about my word either…

  7. I realized something new about my word typing up my post for today – thank you! I’m so glad you’re finding a restful home with your word …and it’s only been a month! That On Being poem you shared is lovely. sometimes we just need to sit back and release the reins … God has a good plan for each of us!

  8. I think we could all use a little more rest in our lives. I think women especially (and specifically working women — and working mothers!) have a tendency to try to do it all and put ourselves last. It’s a good reminder that we’re no good to anyone if we don’t take care of ourselves and getting enough rest is one very important part of that!

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