Unraveled Wednesday

I set my yarn aside and did some sewing this weekend. I am really enjoying these string blocks. I don’t have a plan for how many I will make. I cut a stack of strips and will just keep making blocks until it isn’t fun. I am loving the calm feeling of these fabrics.

Now, the unraveled part of this post. After I finished my Vintersol, I gave it a good soak and it expanded like crazy! It is much to big now. Help! It fit me beautifully before getting a bath. Should I try warm water.

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13 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. What yarn did you use for your Vintersol? I take it you soaked in cold water, did you lay it out to block? I am hoping Mary chimes in here – she might have some ideas too!

  2. I love the color palette for your quilt squares. They are calm and soothing to look at. As for the sweater? I have no good advice — but I have been known to throw things into the dryer myself. It works sometimes; sometimes not. (I knit a Carbeth last year that grew like crazy. It went to Goodwill. . . sadly.) Best of luck.

  3. If you used a superwash wool for your sweater, you can get it a little wet (just damp, not soaking) and toss it in the dryer for a bit. If it’s not superwash, I’d recommend soaking it again and then, when you lay it out to dry, nudge it into shape so that it’s the right size. Good luck!

  4. I do love those quilt squares! … and re: Vintersol – I wouldn’t expect that Blue Sky yarn to grow much after a soak. When I used it for Bodie, the soak opened up the yarn, but it didn’t really change the size of stitches. I like Sarah’s advice – use lukewarm water.

  5. Sorry to read about your sweater! Hope the tips offered help/ work. Could you contact the manufacturer? Looking forward to reading success in fixing the piece.

  6. I sure do like the quilt blocks. Sometimes piecing is so relaxing. The subdued palette is so pretty. I’ve been working a bit on my granddaughter’s Christmas quilt.

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