Sometimes Monday looks like a snow day

I have to tell you that last week, when everyone was wishing, hoping, even praying for snow, I was secretly hoping we would NOT get snow. You see, when it snows here, we are stuck. No snow removal equipment. No road sanding. Just wait until it melts. That could be a few days since it is not going to get much over freezing for at least a few days.

***Insert a very heavy sigh here***

I am going to roll with it. I have some projects that need attention and this is the perfect time for that. My fridge is stocked. We have plenty of coffee and wine 😉. There is yarn on my needles and thread in my sewing machine, books waiting to be read, and the last two discs of The Crown to watch.

No, where to begin with my snow day adventures? #cultivateahabitofgratitude

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12 thoughts on “Sometimes Monday looks like a snow day

  1. Snow can be a real troublemaker even if you are used to it and there is plenty of snow removal equipment in force, so I’m sending sympathy and good wishes for plenty of melting and warmth. It’s never a good idea to waste a snow day (especially because you’ll be making the days up later) so try and enjoy. You are well-prepared!

  2. I love a good snow day – that would be singular…not days. At least you have all the necessary stuff on hand. Looks to me like a golden opportunity to rest! Just do what YOU want to do.

  3. Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere that didn’t have snow removal equipment and I’d be forced to stay home! Enjoy your unexpected break, and here’s hoping that snow goes away soon for you!

  4. I’m so glad you’re prepared! Snow there sounds like snow here … we just have to hunker down and wait for it to melt. Wine, coffee, knitting and internet are all helpful, too!

  5. Sounds like you are prepared for a few days at home. Coffee, wine, food in the pantry. Yarns and threads. Wait – do you have chocolate?

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