I am contemplating doing a weekly post about my one little word – REST.

I need to keep this word up front. This morning I looked up definitions for REST and found this:

5a: to remain confident : TRUST

Ah, there is an idea – trust. (That was actually one of the words I had considered for 2019.)

We have another snow day or maybe an ice day. Thinking about driving in the snow and ice brings up all sorts of anxiety fo me. I need to settle into some restful knitting and cooking (making granola this morning) and maybe some yoga and deep breathing to keep my pulse from racing. I might even do some writing about trust.

We have a very active group of hummingbirds that visit our feeder year round. The feeder is right outside our kitchen window and I enjoy watching them swoop in for a quick sip. Yesterday my husband had to thaw the hummingbird feeder every few hours but they kept coming back so it was a good thing. Hopefully, it will warm up enough to put it back out this morning.

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10 thoughts on “Tuesday-restday

  1. Hummingbirds year round! Wow! So glad you are keeping the feeder thawed for them. And, so glad you are RESTing. Stay warm and safe in that nasty weather you are having.

  2. I’ll add my thanks to you keeping the feeder ‘working’ for the hummers. Tough as they are, this must be their Antarctic.

  3. I’m amazed that you have tummies in the snow! WOW. I wish we did. I worry enough about the cardinals and Jays in our below zero temps tho. I try to keep the water warmer full and the birdseed in the feeder full. Now if I could just get the neighbor cat to leave the birds alone!

  4. What a lovely idea, Juliann … and sending all the best WARM UP wishes (it’s supposed to be 75 degrees here today).
    (also, I need to revisit the dictionary definition for Hope.)

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