Unraveled Wednesday

I have had a very productive week with fabric and yarn. Of course, being off school has helped. I made 12 smaller string blocks, thinking I might do some mixing of large and small blocks for this quilt. I got as far as the sleeves in a basic grey Uniform tunic. With a late school start today I may be able to finish those sleeves. I finished a hat and made it to the lower ribbing on that color work sweater that I unknit.

Not much reading but I did watch all but the last two episodes of season two of The Crown.

Best of all, I have done yoga every day this week and I cleaned up a space in the garage to get my bike up on the trainer so I can use it as an exercise bike. I am working on strengthening those knee muscles after almost a month of pain that limited my mobility.

Time for another cuppa and a visit to Kat’s Wednesday gathering.

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14 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

    1. I think the knee will be an up and down thing. I have arthritis so I need to learn how to take care of my joints while not becoming immobile

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    1. I think it is being stuck at home more than work because if I could have gone out, I would not have spent so much time making đŸ˜‰. I also deleted Instagram from my phone and iPad – so much scrolling and then feeling anxious about what I read – time for a break

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  1. Nice work. I’ve not been out since a walk before the snow came. DH just announced that an ash truck finally went up our hill! Yesterday a tow truck removed a car that was stuck on the curb in front of our house after 3 failed attempts to make the hill, according to our n’bor. The car’s open passenger door was stuck in one of our bushes! (Maybe the passenger jumped out? Lots of craziness out there, that’s for sure!

    1. Oh my! We saw lots of cars slipping but nobody got stuck this time. I had Bill drive me to work today – just too much ice fo me. I sure hope they are wrong about another round of snow coming.

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  2. Congratulations on such a productive few days. All of the projects look great. I love the string quilt blocks and will be anxious to see how you finish the project. I am on Instagram but do not post and rarely even look at it. Ravelry takes up more than enough of my time.

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