Three on Thursday – a reading life

Last year, I read more books than I expected. But at times, I felt like I was rushing through some of those books. Reading Carole’s post this morning has me thinking about the importance of being authentic and tending my reading life.

I want to read to learn. My library has a 10 to Try challenge happening this year. The categories are challenging me to consider some new titles that will engage my brain and my heart.

I want to read really good books. When I was in NYC, I saw posters for Subway Reads. I went home and looked it up and then forgot about it but it seems like a great resource.

I want to read what I already own. I found this blog and I like her unread shelf project. I own so many books that I really do want to read. I would love to make a dent in that stack.

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14 thoughts on “Three on Thursday – a reading life

  1. I also have quite a few books on my shelf that I have not read. Some I bought intending to read them; others I picked up as freebies or inherited from someone else. I really should read them if I’m ever going to or pass them along to someone else if I’m not!

  2. Kym posted at some point about taking notes while she read, and I’ve been following her advice. I’m finding that this slows down my reading, helps me to understand more, and remember more. It’s working for me so far.

  3. What a great post, Juliann. Last year, I was very conscious about slowing down my reading — taking the time to savor what I read, and shaking that feeling that I needed to read MORE and FASTER. It’s been the best thing I’ve ever done in terms of my reading-life! Best of luck to you with your reading plan this year. May it bring you much joy — and a sense of rest. XO

  4. Most of my books come from the library. I usually only read at night and that means it takes me a long time to get through a book. If I’m not feeling the love I don’t waste me time finishing it.

  5. Great post! Great links! And, I love your idea of reading out of your comfort zone books! Some of the best books I have ever read were out of my comfort zone!

  6. I like the idea of an unread shelf. I’ve fallen so in love with my Kindle though… I’ll probably never read another paper fiction book. (I still like ‘real’ books for educational purposes. I like to highlight.) But even my Kindle contains way more unread books than I could read in a year.

  7. My little librarian heart loves this post! I think reading can be so many things to so many people. Sometimes I love to read something light and fast and other times I want something big and juicy that I can really savor. It’s all about connecting with the right book at the right time and it sounds like you’re on a good track to get to that place.

  8. I could definitely read from the unread pile for years! I buy books on sale for the kindle. I buy a book on vacation etc.. I really enjoy reading about George Washington but it’s so big and takes away from reading fiction books.

  9. I definitely don’t/won’t finish a book I don’t find interesting or suits me…I do take notes but never marginalia…and often reread a book I’ve read years before. I have Kindle but seldom use it tho’ it’s full of titles…just in case. Part of the reading pleasure for me is the sensory input, too – from the feel/sound of the paper, etc.
    REad on!

  10. I love the idea of a well tended reading life. I do like the touch, feel, sound of various kinds of hard copy books – hardbacks, trade paper, library copies with the crinkly covers, and even good quality used books. Lately I am rereading more of my own books and enjoying that. Sometimes I take notes or jot down some impressions once I finish a book. Good luck with all your ideas.

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