Monday on repeat

Yup – another snow day. I’m looking for the silver linings.

  • We are cleaning out the fridge
  • I am caught up on laundry and housework for the first time in a long time
  • My yarn and fabric stash have provided plenty of materials for creative diversions
  • We have power (I hesitate to type those words)
  • I discovered some interesting podcasts
  • I had just enough butter and eggs to make cookies

I’m going to stop there and work on that second sleeve. And I’m going tp pray that the snow forecast for later today fizzles out.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

10 thoughts on “Monday on repeat

  1. Yep, we had some of that wet white stuff too overnight. It’s all great if you live in the flatland’s, but throw in some hills and it’s the stuff of nightmare driving!

    Stay safe and with all utilities! XO

  2. Our hill finally got plowed late yesterday, but we had more snow over night. The temps are rising though; do you think it will snow or rain? Hope it all works out well for your trip! My sis is in NM at the moment, and it’s colder there than usual. Travel safe! What kind of cookies? i, too, have done more cookies than I have for ages.

  3. The photo makes me smile … but imagining y’all in all that snow – yikes! Glad you’re making the best of it … and YAY for second sleeves!!

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