When people realize that I knit, they often tell me that knitting is too stressful. I can recall a time when I felt that way. It was about 25 years ago and I ended up getting rid of all my knitting supplies. But now, knitting is my go to choice for slowing down and letting my mind rest. Some projects seem to be perfect for creating a restful space.

When this pattern showed up last Friday, I knew exactly how to proceed. I pulled out my Shetland wool. Most of the skeins are without ball bands. Many came home with me from my Shetland trip in 2017. All of the colors are lovely. The pattern recommends a random striping sequence. Seemed like a great side project for a snowed in weekend (at that point I believed we would be back to work after the weekend).

First I pulled 15 skeins that looked like they had enough yarn left and weighed them. The largest has 25 grams. The smallest has 19 grams. Then I pulled a small piece from each skein and began laying them side by side. I tied each sample to a piece of cardboard and numbered each one. I decided to use a 3, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, sequence for the first round of colors (each repeat is 4 rows so that is 12 rows, 4 rows, 4 rows and so on). I may change up the sequence when I get back to yarn number 1. I told myself that I wouldn’t start this hap until I finished the second sleeve on my Sólbein but when it became apparent that our snowed in weekend was going to be extended, I needed a colorful distraction. The knitting is very restful and calming.

P.S. When the power went out last night I felt my resolve to stay positive falter. We snuggled up to watch a video on the laptop (which was fully charged) and went to bed early, warm under an extra layer of quilts. The good news is that the power came back on during the night so today I am going to do laundry and get my bags packed for that trip we are scheduled to take. And I am going to pray that the airport gets cleared up so our plane can take off. Would appreciate any good travel vibes you can spare.

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  1. That is a delightfully colorful distraction. Everyone is different, but the idea of knitting as stressful makes me chuckle. My stress grows if I don’t get to knit! I’m very glad you have power and am sending all my best vibes for safe travel and no more snow!

  2. Oh Im happy you are taking a vacation! I Will be on the rosary beads, or on the beads as we say, for you !!!!! I love a sweet simple knit that ends up looking fantastic. Charts….no thank you

  3. YAY for power! I’ve been without twice for 3-4 days in a row – thankfully, not in winter, tho’ one MLK Day, yes…and it was also bitter cold – of course! Love your new piece (looks like something I *could do!* Sending positive vibes and thoughts that the snow is cleared from the runways and streets and that you are on your travel way , as planned!

  4. Great colors and yes, knitting should be relaxing and fun! I’m glad you’re power came back and I hope your trip is not delayed. We’re having a bit of snow here today, it just started and they are sending us home at 3.

  5. So it sounds like you belong to a yarn club? Sure is a pretty hap that you are making; it looks warm and toasty, too. Hope you have a stress free trip on Thursday and a wonderful time in San Antonio! (And we are just hoping to get off our hill to the grocery store and maybe even choir on Thursday.) Travel safe!

  6. Wishing you safe travels and a smooth take off. I am glad you have power. That shawl looks wonderful. Kate Davies is a talented designer for sure.

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