Unraveled Wednesday

This crazy weather has comes so close to unraveling me! Today is another no school day – sigh. We are all anxious to get back to our routines. Yesterday we were able to make a dent in the heaps on snow (pretty sure we had close to 24″ over the last week). I spent the morning clearing off the deck and my husband tackled the driveway (for the 6th time in a week). The snow kept coming most of the day but the temperatures warmed up enough to keep it from piling up. The roads are a slushy mess with a layer of ice in many places. The warmer rain is supposed to continue today bringing concerns about flooding. Once everything finally thaws, we I’ll have some yard and garden care to do. All that snow was hard on some of our bushes and trees.

No unraveling in my knitting this week. I made a little progress on my Sólbein sleeves but being cooped up inside actually stifled my knitting mojo. I spent some time pulling out yarns to see what sweater I might knit next and I still need to find something portable to take on our trip – probably a hat.

Off to visit Kat and hoping that there hasn’t been much unraveling in your week.

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14 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. You are really getting hammered with snow – reminds me of our winter 4 years ago and it was such a slog. I hope sunny days are in your future!

  2. Yikes – that is a load of snow! I feel your pain – that cooped up feeling is not good for anyone! I think your trip will be a timely respite from winter! XO

  3. I’m down in Gig Harbor, and we also really got a ton of snow. Crazy stuff! Our kids are on their (hopefully) last snow day today. Lots of shoveling here as well, although it got a lot harder when the rain started…that stuff is heavy!

  4. It has been crazy, hasn’t it? The other day I unraveled an almost finished cowl that was twisted without my noticing. It’s all done now though. We’ve lived here a long time and can’t remember anything where school and everything else was shut down this long. Hope you can still get on your way tomorrow.

  5. Your rubber ducky just cracks me up and makes me smile each time you show him/her. Gosh you have been hammered with snow this Winter. Hoping it has ended for you and things can get back to normal. I enjoy a snow day (emphasis on day – singular) – too many in a row is maddening.

  6. I am sorry to say that the snow may have been tough on our newer little evergreens and I hope my new WILLOW is ok. I have high expectations for that willow! My indoor plants are fading a bit too. The geranium is fine. But the little evergreen ferns are looking sad inside. My moss roses are dropping leaves too. Hurry up Spring

  7. I hope you can resist unraveling due to your awful winter weather! We haven’t had anywhere near that amount but that hasn’t stopped me from complaining about shoveling. May the snow stop and the sun shine on you!

  8. Reminds me of the blizzard we had in 2010 – two, back to back! Love the duckies and glad you are OK, albeit a bit weary. Keep faith: soon spring and warmer temps and colorful flowers will return…

  9. I can only imagine how all that snow and homebound time could unravel you! I’m glad you have a trip to look forward to! (socks or a cowl are my favorite travel projects … single skeins and lots of easy knitting)

  10. It is miserable to be stuck indoors because snow for days and days on end — and I live in a place where we’re USED to it, and have an infrastructure in place to deal with it. I can imagine that the “magic” wore off quite quickly. I hope you’re back to your normal life soon!!! XO

  11. Twenty four inches of snow is a lot of shoveling. My husband says I like winter because I don’t do much scooping (bad back.) I hope you find some great yarn for a sweater.

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