Book talk times three

I am fortunate to live in a place that has so many opportunities for book lovers. Last week was a particularly rich week with three author talks.

The first event was Jasper Fforde talking about his newest book. I haven’t read any of his books but my daughter loves them so we went together. He is a wonderful speaker and I do plan to read him one day.

The following night I played hookie from a meeting to hear Dani Shapiro. She was also talking about her most recent book. I have read a lot of her work and it is amazing how this story connects so many of the questions in her writing. She is also a good speaker.

I ended the week with an author event that I helped organize at church. Our pastor’s family knows the author of a book that had been recommended so we encouraged the congregation to read a book. Then the author agreed to come and talk about her book and her family’s journey. I read this book a few months ago and thoroughly enjoyed. This author is also a very good speaker.

The photo above has nothing to do with this post – just a little glimpse of what the day is looking like over here in the Pacific Northwest. Hope your day is much lovelier. Off to join Carole today.

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12 thoughts on “Book talk times three

  1. Book talks are wonderful, and it’s great that you got to hear three of them recently. Authors can often do a much better job of “selling” their books and really connecting to readers than anyone else.

  2. I read the first few Jasper Fforde Thursday Next novels and really enjoyed them and I’m looking forward to reading the Dani Shapiro book, too,

  3. I really enjoyed Dani Shapiro’s new book — and would love to hear her speak about it! (I’d play hooky in a heartbeat.) We get a lot of authors here, as well. (Living in a college town is a good thing when it comes to interesting speakers!) XO

  4. That snow this morning was our welcome home after 10 days in CA and AZ. Crazy! I’ve got your last book waiting on my Kindle since your earlier post.

  5. This weather… I am just so over it! But, thankfully there are always books! The only author I have ever gone to listen to speak was the Yarn Harlot and it was absolutely wonderful!!

    1. I went to one of the Yarn Harlot’s talk – she is very funny! And yes, the winter has very much overstayed. Looking forward to Friday!

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  6. So cool you have so many authors close enough to listen to. I’m not familiar with any of the 3. Sorry about the fresh snow. It sure looks pretty.

  7. What an interesting, and diverse! group of authors! I’ve really enjoyed being part of the Jewish Book Festival here. Shapiro’s book is on my TBR and for some lucky reason, I have a Kindle credit so it’s free! (purchased!)

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