It was a beautiful weekend around here. It started early for me. My sister was in town so I took some time off and we had long walks and good food and time to talk. There were blue skies and sunshine, not quite warm enough to shed all the layers but certainly a step in the right direction.

On Friday night I went to Knit Night at Tolt Yarn and Wool. Mary Jane Mucklestone and Gudrun Johnston were there to talk about knitting and traveling in Iceland and Shetland. I went on their Shetland trip two summers ago so it was very fun to see them in person again. They are such lovely women. Best of all, it motivated me to do some knitting! I am about 1/3 done with Gudrun’s Peavine hat and I am al the cuff color work on Mary Jane’s Solbein cardigan.

And now, hello Monday. It’s a full week ahead but I’m going to keep my knitting close by.

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10 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. Your knitting is gorgeous and I will confess to being jealous that you are close to Tolt!

    Glad you had such a nice weekend where you could get out and walk a bit. Makes a world of difference, doesn’t it?

  2. What fun to spend a Friday night with Mary Jane and Gudrun! Your knitting is gorgeous! Wishing you a week that allows for knitting!!

  3. I love the colors in your hat! They are so cheery and happy. So glad you enjoyed some time with your sister. For me, sister-time is always a celebration! XO

  4. Lovely knitting. How nice to spend time with your sister. My sister and I always have a good time together. The Warmth of Other Suns is also on my list to read.

  5. I’m so glad you got to spend some good time with your sister. and wow! how cool to see not one but two knitting “stars” in person. (I’m also just a teensy bit jealous that you could go to Knit Night at Tolt!) and also WOW! your colorwork hat looks great.

  6. Love that hat! And guess what? I have the exact same stitch marker. It’s been great to have a bit of warmth, hasn’t it? We enjoyed our first walk around Green Lake on Saturday along with lots of other folks. Hope your week goes well.

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