when work becomes rest

I have a big project going on at work. It has been dragging on for much too long but this week, things are starting to ramp up. This project involves a fair amount of uncertainty and change which will be good in the end but tough in the short term. Too many days I am unable to turn off the chatter in my head. I’ve been learning to meditate and have returned to yoga and those are good things. But yesterday I found a new way to create rest. Digging, raking, gathering, hauling, dumping. The sun was out so I headed to the garden after work. I turned the soil and pulled some pesky volunteers. I raked up sticks and pine cones and created a base for the walk way. And I found this sweet little frog. I just sat and watched him for a bit before sharing him with our tiny person. What a treasure. I was dirty and a bit sore but happy to find such lovely rest in my gardening work.

Don’t forget to come back next Tuesday and share how your word has been showing up in your life this month.

Published by Juliann

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11 thoughts on “when work becomes rest

  1. ha! I can’t believe you’ve made digging in the dirt sound like fun đŸ™‚ (maybe it’s that cute little frog you found?)

  2. Even though I don’t garden – that’s my husband’s realm – I do know that gardening can be almost zen-like at times. Glad you were able to find some peace in it. That’s an awfully cute frog. What did your Little Person think of it?

  3. The soreness that comes from working in the garden is the best kind! I’m glad you were able to find some rest in your work.

  4. I can’t wait for the soreness-from-gardening to strike! (Soon, I’m sure. But not quite yet.) đŸ™‚ I find much peace in gardening. Digging and pulling up and cutting back are such centering activities for me. I often refer to it as “active meditation.” And that frog!!! He is a charmer!!! XO

  5. I find when I’m really stressed out, cleaning/organizing helps me feel better. If it were warmer out, I might follow your example and clean out the garden.

  6. Hasn’t our weather been wonderful the past couple of days? We got out in our yarn for a bit this morning; there’s lots more to do out there though…….

  7. Working in the garden is so peaceful. I am glad you found a way to step away from the chatter in your head. It can be challenging – even with some strategies in place to help us along.

  8. If only i liked the feel of dirt under my nails…I love gardens but am not a gardener…I’m tempted tho’…someday soon. Taking a mental as well as a physical break is a great way to “rest.” Cheers~

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