Unraveled Wednesday

Oh spring break. You are just what I needed. Plenty of time to putter and play. And thinking time – Time for unraveling some thoughts about my reading life. I have accumulated quite a few ebooks that are not getting read. Ebooks are great for a vacation when you want options without the extra weight in your bag. But vacation days are few and far between. If I have a title I really want to read, and the wait list is super long at the library, I am going to consider purchasing the papery version. We have lots of independent book stores in our area and I want to support them. With that in mind, I stopped in at the newest store on my way to get my haircut and picked up Mary Pipher’s new book.

Not much knitting going on here but I am almost finished quilting my small quilt. Today is cloudy with a chance of rain so it seems like a good day to stay inside with a cuppa matcha and a book in my lap.

First up is a visit to Kat’s blog. Enjoy your day.

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10 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. Looking forward to our review of that book. I listened to the author’s interview on Fresh Air several weeks ago which was good. Let us know!

  2. Sounds like you found the perfect combination for a drizzly day. Pipher’s book is on my list. She is local to me and I hope to hear her speak about this book the first part of May.

  3. I agree with you — ebooks are great for traveling, but there is nothing quite like feeling the weight of a book in your hand. Hope you had an enjoyable day reading!

  4. Ahhhh. . . there’s nothing like a spring break!
    (I’ve been reading that book, too. Slowly. Because I also purchased it — and library books keep rolling in.)

  5. YAY for spring break! We’re enjoying a slower pace and whole lot less traffic here this week. Thank you for the book recommendation!

  6. We don’t have a Spring Break over here (awaiting Easter for a day off!); a cool damp days just inspire keeping warm and reading, don’t they! I haven’t come across the book but will look it up. Navigating well the years ahead is a good plan.

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