Three Random Things on Thursday

it has been a rough back to work week but I didn’t want to go too much longer without a blog post so how about some randomness:

I usually walk the same route but once in awhile I stop at a different place on my way home from work and I get to see views like the one above.

When I am getting ready to travel, a knitting project and something to read are the first things I sort out. This time around, I am just taking my iPad to read my kindle books and I’m leaving the knitting at home. Where oh where is my knitting mojo?

I just finished day 31 of using the Daily Calm app. There is a Winnie the Pooh series which is fun since our tiny person is quite in love with Winnie the Pooh these days.

Happy Thursday.

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Recently retired and ready for adventure

10 thoughts on “Three Random Things on Thursday

  1. When I travel, I always pack something to knit … but then never knit! I do always read, though, so I find that loading books on my iPad makes it so much more manageable! Love your new view!

  2. What a beautiful view! I always bring knitting – and I always manage to knit a few stitches at least! And, I am so happy that the library is accessible no matter where I am!

  3. I predict that when you find yourself without knitting, that is precisely when your knitting mojo will come back (and hopefully when it does, you’ll be somewhere you can pick some up).

  4. The evil in me is laughing because about 10 minutes after you leave home, your knitting mojo will kick back in, in full force, and there you’ll be… yarnless.
    That view on your walk home is beautiful!

  5. That view is gorgeous. I hope it restores your soul. Going back to work can be rough but I’m glad you are looking forward to some traveling.

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