Unraveled Wednesday

A few weeks ago, a woman at church asked if I could help her get a scarf finished. She had started the scarf almost two years ago at our prayer shawl group and wanted it finished so she could gift it to her niece. I said yes. I adore this woman. She has a beautiful laugh and is such an encourager and prayer warrior.

She handed me a ziplock bag with a garter stitch scarf, about 15″ completed and a skein and a half to go. It is on size 10 needles so I thought it would go quickly.

Here is the first unraveling part of this story.

The two skeins we purple, acrylic, and thick. But they were different yarns. One was shiny and one was dull. I consulted with my daughters and they suggested alternating yarns so I unraveled, leaving two inches of her knitting. Then I alternated, two row of one, two rows of the other. It gives a very subtle stripe effect.

The other unraveling is this. This woman has just been diagnosed with cancer. She is in the process of finding out about treatments with many doctors appointments in the upcoming weeks. So as I knit on this scarf, I pray for her. And I am going to take it to the prayer shawl group and ask others to knit a few rows so it will become a prayer scarf.

I am beyond grateful for this unraveling story.

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11 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. What a wonderful thing you are doing! I hope your friend’s treatment is effective and she is back to full health soon.

  2. You are knitting something wonderful, filled with love and prayers. I love how the scarf looks and am sending along healing thoughts.

  3. You are a wonderful friend. Here is hoping everyone’s stitches and prayers carry her through this rough time. Sending prayers for both of you.

  4. oh Juliann – I’m sorry about your friend’s diagnosis, but so glad you’re able to knit love and prayers into those stitches. Those garter stripes are really pretty. and squishy. and warm.

  5. I am so sorry about your friend’s diagnosis, but I echo the sentiments above about how a scarf knit with prayers and love is such a moving experience for both the knitter and the recipient. My thoughts are with your and your friend! XO

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