Three for Friday

What a week. I had plans for a 3 for Thursday post but somehow Thursday slipped past! But today is the last day of May and I have three things to share.

For the last 6 weeks I have been eating Pegan. I thought it would be hard (I have missed bacon) but this is great salad weather so it has been easy to fill my plate with lots of veggies. To jazz it up a bit I signed up for a three meal box from Purple Carrot. Similar to the cleaning product box, I could easily pick up these ingredients at the store but sometimes it is fun to try something new.

A comment this week led me to The Lazy Genius. I found all sorts of good stuff to read about home keeping. I downloaded a few podcast episodes and look forward to listening frequently. I hear her Change Your Life Chicken is amazing too. I will be trying that when I start adding chicken to our meal rotation again.

And finally, Michelle is going to encourage us to find a little quiet this summer. Be sure to visit this post to learn more.

Happy Friday and hello June!

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9 thoughts on “Three for Friday

  1. Pegan?! I haven’t heard that term before! I scanned the article you linked and will definitely be returning to read it thoroughly when I have more time. I think that’s how I eat, more or less.

    And thank you (so much) for linking my post and sharing my summer offering. I hope you and others will enjoy it. I really do. Happy weekend! xoxo

  2. Happy weekend, Juliann! Interesting article! (And, I agree with you – this time of the year it is so easy to fill my plate with all.the.veggies!)

  3. Thanks for sharing these three interesting things; they are welcome any day of the week! Have a good vegetable-filled weekend!

  4. Pegan is new to me as well — looks like I have some reading up to do! I do love this time of year for lots of yummy veggies.

  5. My dad recorded Dr H from a pbs airing and sent it to me. Both my sister and dad eat like that mainly because they have celiac disease. I find when I eat like that I feel much better than when I eat regular (garbage).

  6. I’m looking forward to Michelle’s prompts, too! This is a great season for Pegan eating, or really just eating in general – I love the variety of fresh foods and all the colors!

  7. I’m “IN” for Michelle’s prompts too! And I love veggies…have you tried the “cauliflower rice” veggies in the frozen food section? Tasty. Gonna check out Pegan…

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