3 things Thursday

I am joining Carole and friends with three things from my summer bucket list.

1. Iced tea and reading on the deck. We don’t usually get this kind of weather until after July 4 but I am welcoming an early start to summer #readingonthedeck

2. Exploring new creative endeavors. I impulse ordered this book and it arrived just in time for deck reading and a day off. I have a pair of jeans and an old linen blouse that would benefit from some mending. This book has beautiful pictures and instructions but also a lot of stories from makers and menders that have inspired me to keep working toward a handmade wardrobe.

3. Eat more greens! This summer I am working on 6-8 cups of veggies every day. And to help me stick with this, I am heading to the garden store today to buy some plants for my salad garden. There is still plenty of time for hand picked salads this summer.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

10 thoughts on “3 things Thursday

  1. All very inviting ways to spend summer, especially #readingonthedeck ~ a winner. Love the idea of walking outside and picking your daily salad greens. Yum! Do enjoy!

  2. All GREAT things for a summer bucket list! I love to sit outside and read . . . always one of my favorite things about summertime. XO

  3. Outside reading is the BEST!! I’ve eyed that book and contemplated ordering it – please let us know as you get into it what you think. It’s a great time of year to jump on the “increase your greens” bandwagon – garden produce can come in suddenly and in huge quantities. Enjoy!!

  4. Happy Summer!! the porch is my most-favorite place and I wish you many happy hours outside on yours this season! xoxo.

  5. You have three wonderful summer agenda items here. I had that book home from the library last winter and recall enjoying it. I have been patching jeans this spring. They definitely would look better if I had used some techniques from that book. I hope to see your mending results (if you would like to share.)

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