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Yesterday we had a lovely evening with our daughters and their husbands and I sat thinking about the blessing of grown up kids and time to talk and hear their ideas and be inspired. Isn’t it great when our kids inspire us?

This morning my mind is buzzing with ideas but sadly, I have another day of meetings ahead of me. But I don’t want to lose these thought so here is a little mid-June brain dump.

Gardening – I used to love digging up my yard and planting and weeding and harvesting. As soon as those meetings are over I am going to get some starts planted and then I will head to the library to pick up some gardening books. Anyone know a good garden memoir book?

Sewing – when I’m not in the garden, I want to be sewing. I want to pull out all the fabric that I have for clothing and make some tops and tunics to wear with pants and I want to find a good pants pattern – suggestions? I found some new sewing blogs and a sewing podcast and I just want to sew!

Reading – Saturday was beautiful and would have been great for gardening or sewing but I had fallen into this amazing book and just had to finish it. The book is The River by Peter Heller. Such a good story.

Well, time for a cup of coffee and a morning smoothie and off to that meeting with flickers of summer fun to keep me company.

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10 thoughts on “on my mind

  1. I love Made by Rae’s Rose pants! It is a straight forward, well-written pattern with a wide array of fabric choices!

    I hope your meeting is over quickly and that you can spend some time working on the things from this post! 🙂

  2. I love your garden! Now I want to find myself a garden teapot 😉
    And yes, conversations with adult children are amazing. I sometimes miss the baby’s they once were, but they grew up to be such great people!

  3. That’s a lovely spot to be a-watering. Sorry that I am short on recommendations for sewing patterns and books, but getting to spend time outdoors is a real mood-lifter. How lovely that you have time with your grown-up children :).

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