Three decisions

I will be heading off to our annual “quilt” retreat in a few hours and I have just made three decisions that will make it an more enjoyable adventure.

1. I decided that I won’t be quilting. I don’t have a project that I want to wrangle. I have my string blocks but need to cut more strips. I have that quilt on the wall but the next step also requires cutting lots of different fabrics. And I have a stack of fat quarters that would make a fun quilt but I need one more color and it isn’t currently in my stash.

2. Instead I have decided to take lots of bag making supplies. I have my backpack from last summer that needs to be repaired. I also have fabrics to make two bags in the Black and White issue of Making magazine. And I have some stash fabric to try out a top from that same magazine. I am also packing up a sleeveless dress that will come home with short sleeves and be much more wearable.

3. I didn’t get those little treat bags made. The last week has just been too full and I decided to set that project aside. Instead I got some small bowls, lovely tea, and beautiful fabric to give to my retreat mates.

The only decision left to make is which pair of yoga pants I want to wear for three days!

Happy Thursday. Off to visit Carole and friends.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

6 thoughts on “Three decisions

  1. Those sound like smart decisions that will enhance your enjoyment of the retreat. I don’t have to tell you to have a blast because I know you will!

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