summer with my word

This will be very brief because I am sinking into my word on this for week of my summer break. REST is showing up for me in so many ways. Restful books and fiber diversions, restful food and beverages, but most importantly, restful time.

Join me with your summer words post here

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Recently retired and ready for adventure

10 thoughts on “summer with my word

    1. I have put off caring for myself for too long and my health has suffered. I am all in for making some changes over the next 6 weeks and rest is an important part of that. I had such a good time at retreat, finishing up some projects and making a new top and a new bag. Good start. How is your summer sewing coming along? Juliann

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  1. A brilliant word, and so nourishing … Fiber diversions sounds perfectly lovely – looking forward to peeks of anything you do (once you are well-rested of course!).

  2. I just listened to the latest two episodes of Emily P. Freeman’s podcast … and I thought of you. (and me … and all of us) REST is so important!

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