3 things

Summer is hurtling past but I am managing to enjoy some small things.

This “coffee” has become a daily habit. I also like the Reishi Elixir in the evenings to help with sleep. I re-organized a narrow kitchen drawer to better accommodate my growing stash of coffee alternatives and teas.

I needed a summer project that wouldn’t take too many days in a row of work (because my summer has been hit and miss with open calendar days). A pantry clean out was a good choice. It took one afternoon and a morning to get things sorted out and install the rolling bins. I was surprised to find I had 10 jars of olives! Hopefully these pull out bins will help me stay on top of what is in the pantry. Thinking of typing up an inventory list to put on the cabinet door.

About 28 years ago I planted one small hops plant for my husband to use in his beer making. It has grown and grown and was wrapping itself around the neighboring trees and plants so I asked my handy daughter to help me build some sort of trellis. I marked the lines and she did the cutting, drilling, and building. Now we have this very cool “tent” for our hops. Makes a fun place to play for our no-longer-so-tiny person.

Off to link up with Carole.

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11 thoughts on “3 things

  1. Oh that hops trellis is wonderful – what a fun place for a growing little person! I love your pull out bins for your cabinets. Where did you find them?

  2. I’m almost afraid of what I’d find if I did a pantry clean-out, but I probably should do one for just that reason. I’d be delighted to find lots of olives!

    Love your hops trellis!

  3. Sounds like you’re really busy! It’s been a bit crazy here, too. i’d forgotten that hops vine; looks like a perfect solution to keep it in check. I discovered a very large flower pot in our backyard that was totally covered with ivy! Sigh…..

  4. that “tea drawer” is perfect (seriously, what else could you use a skinny drawer for 😉 … and the hops tent is inspired. I hope you’re getting lots of hugs from the little one!

  5. Love your pantry redo and had to laugh about the olives. Last time I cleaned mine out, I found 6 bottles of lemon juice, one of which was so old it had turned almost solid. Gross! I also love the hops tent. We need do do that for our grapes. They grow on our fence, but always end up in the nearby trees.

  6. Organizing a kitchen cupboard and/or pantry is always a good thing. I love the tea drawer and the trellis. Enjoy that not so little person this summer.

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