3 bookish things

I have been in a bit of a reading slump. I finished an audio book but haven’t been able to settle into a print or ebook lately. I did a big book purge and hauled away three boxes of books yesterday so I have lots of open space on my shelves. As part of my #usewhatyouhave goal I would like to re-shelf my books without adding too many more over the next 6 months. (American Marriage made the KEEP pile and I hope it is the book to break my slump.)

But, if you are looking for book suggestions, here are three of my favorite sources.

Have I shared Tale Away? I’m not sure how I found it but if you are looking for books set in specific countries, this is the place to go.

Whitney is another reader to follow. She has a monthly reading challenge that focuses on reading the books you own. I enjoyed her recent trip to New York City via Instagram. Now I have a bunch of new places I want to visit in that city.

Finally, my own public library is the best. There are now 50 branches and a very active Mobile Library bringing reading to our corner of the world. In the summer I love going to pick up my holds because I always run into families from school and it makes my heart sing to know library visits are part of their summer routines.

Visiting Carole today for my 3 things lists.

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9 thoughts on “3 bookish things

  1. I recently rediscovered my library after using it a lot as a child. The availability of ebooks and audiobooks has really been wonderful, especially because I don’t actually have to go to the library to borrow them!

    Thanks for sharing your links!

  2. Thanks for the resources’ tips… being a retired public librarian, it always makes me smile when folk extol the virtues of this iconic American resource for EVERYONE! Plan to check out Whitney…tho’ most of the books I own I have read. Enjoy your summer reads.
    PS. An American Marriage is on my TBR!

  3. Another thanks for the link to Whitney! I’ve been borrowing ebooks from my library, but recently visited the library to take out some *real* books – it was so nice to be back inside that building and I’m enjoying reading a book-book rather than my Kindle for a change.

  4. I can’t recommend the public library enough! And I also think Good Reads is an excellent source for book recommendations – it’s how I see what all of my friends are reading.

  5. I would be lost without my library … and I love Whitney! Right now, most of my own it/need to read it titles are on audio … and I keep putting them behind the books I’m getting from the library. (btw – I listened to American Marriage and I thought the narration was excellent)

  6. Last winter I went through all the books in the house and gave quite a few to the library. They either shelve them or sell them at their annual used books sale. I decided that the books on my shelf now have to earn the right to be there! Also I don’t want to own more books than we can shelve. So far so good. I hope you are over the hump of the reading slump.

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