Rest reminder

I am so grateful for my beautiful wooden REST reminder. Rest doesn’t come naturally for me. I think this is why I knew I needed this word in my life this year. I am easily drawn away from rest by busyness and tasks and feel guilty just sitting and resting.

The first part of summer took me on a different path where rest wasn’t much of an option but this last week, I have been reading on the deck, sewing, playing in my garden, eating lots of vegetables and berries, and getting to the trail for daily walks. I am hoping these restful pursuits will linger as I return to work in about 10 days.

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Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

12 thoughts on “Rest reminder

  1. That photo is the epitome of rest! I hope you can maintain the spirit of rest, even when you head back to work and are busier.

  2. I am glad you are finding some days of rest before you go back to school. I remember those days well. It was a challenge to try and maintain some sense of inner peace at the hectic beginning of a school year. A colleague and I used to make a list of ways to take care of ourselves. We called it “The Sanity List.”

  3. I adore that photo. And I hope you rest plenty as you enjoy the last days before you return to work.

  4. Lovely … I’m so glad you’re finding REST before your new year kicks off. It’s necessary for your mind, body and soul!

  5. I feel more rested just looking at the photo! For me, sometimes rest isn’t so much about being still but being in the moment. I can slow the pace of my walk so I can enjoy my surroundings rather than rushing to the next thing. I can linger over a second cup of coffee. I can maybe stay up a few more minutes to finish reading a chapter of a book. I think what you’ve been doing this week is just the sort of rest you need and deserve!

  6. love your sandals, they look comfy. You have an awesome view and I try to rest daily most of the times I do it but sometimes it’s so busy that I forget and my mood is a bit crabby then.

  7. I find rest to be critical to my health. I love your view. What a beautiful spot to put your feet up, sip a beverage, read and rest! Your days do sound lovely.

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