Three things – a gadget edition

A few years ago we installed an outdoor clothesline and I love hanging my laundry but the wooden clothespins kept breaking. A few weeks ago I ordered some stainless steel pins and they are making such a difference.

Last summer I found cold foam and loved it. This frother makes great hot or cold foam. My current favorite is Oat milk but hemp is running a close second for my cold brew coffee.

The other day I posted a picture of my glass storage containers on Instagram with a comment about getting back into the lunch making routine. A number of people recommended these bento style boxes. I found something similar at the store that I will try out before making the investment. It will definitely make my lunch bag lighter.

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8 thoughts on “Three things – a gadget edition

  1. I love your little clothes pin bag! I have one that my nana made! It is a treasured item – to be sure! But, wooden clothes pins are most frustrating! Thank you for the heads up about stainless steel pins!

  2. I also hang all my laundry, but I’m lucky enough to have my grandmother’s heavy wooden clothespins. They are sturdy oak with a strong spring, so much better than the cheap wooden pins produced currently. I do have to be careful not to leave them outdoors to get rained on, so I will be looking into these stainless steel ones. Thanks!

  3. Your clothespin bag is adorable! I wish I had space to dry things outside, but it’d be risky with all the trees and birds that we have nearby.

    That bento box is adorable! I’ve been on the lookout for more sustainable containers, so I’m going to be looking into it more.

  4. I do not hang laundry because of allergies but I do miss it when I did hang laundry outside. Love the bento, can’t wait to see what you think of it. I bought a salad container for work that I used once or twice. Once I owned it, I wasn’t in the mood for salads…

  5. Those pins look interesting. I hang my laundry outside too, but haven’t had issues with my wooden clothespins (most are old though – and better quality than what is sold today).

    I have frothed my milk for coffee for years. I used to just heat it on the stove (a la cafe au lait), but now I froth and then heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so. Home made cappuccino every morning – love it. also works well for golden milk (though almond milk does not froth as well as regular no-fat milk).

    your bento box looks good!

  6. Great gadgets. That milk frother might be calling my name. I have a small glass one that is pumped by hand but this one looks like it would be easier to use. The clothes pin bag takes me back to my grandmother’s back yard.

  7. I bought a ‘pin’ bag on line several years ago and got my wood pins at an open air museum in Germany. They are carved/cut from one piece. Just the perfect combination for dry my delicates and tops in good weather. šŸ™‚ I like your pin bag.

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