We are 5 days into August and I am getting adjusted to being off work. Unfortunately my first back to school meeting is on Thursday so it will be short lived.

For years I have wanted to hike a nearby trail to the eastern end. Sunday morning I set out with my daughter to see how far we could go. Turns out that about 3.5 miles out the trail stops. There is a steep hill down to a road and I think the trail picks up on the other side of that road. We decided to turn around. Partly because we still had quite an uphill climb on the way back but also because it was getting pretty hot. But now I know.

The rest of my weekend was lovely with time for reading on the deck (finished Pachinko and started Lab Girl) and some serious knitting time (ready to start the sleeves on my Junegrass).

Thanks to Karen for her weekending prompts.

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9 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. My book group is reading Lab Girl this month at my suggestion. A librarian told me it prompted a good discussion in her book group so I hope that is the case for my group. A hike sounds like fun.

  2. How did you like Pachinko? I read it because so many people seemed to be reading and enjoying it, and to be honest I was a little disappointed.

  3. I think 3.5 miles is plenty long enough for a hike! I guess at least having a meeting sort of eases you back into the work schedule. Dale has a back to school meeting next week so I get it.

  4. Where did July go to so quickly? And we never managed our meet-up. Our oldest GS starts school on the 8th, a very short summer for him, that’s for sure.

  5. A lovely weekend: a mystery solved – where the path goes; time spent with your daughter; a chore – laundry-completed; reading and knitting. It’s hard to give up lazy, hazy days of summer but you have a grand collection of memories.

  6. You are sweet to mention me! I remember a hike that my sister and I went on in a state park (with no phone reception of course) and it felt like we were lost (but we were not…). That was a weird feeling and we were following a pathetically marked trail! Now I have a fond memory of it 🙂

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