3 books

My summer reading had been wonky but I currently have three books going that have been on my list for long enough.

Women Rowing North is a book that has me nodding my head in agreement. I want to walk into these aging years with my eyes wide open, ready for adventure and not surprised by the potential roadblocks.

Soul Keeping by John Ortberg. This was one of those Kindle deals and I finally opened it last week and found this quote in the first chapter:

We need to ruthlessly eliminate hurry from our lives.”

Yes please! Sign me up for that. His thoughts and observations on caring for our souls are just what I have been longing to hear.

The Warmth of Other Suns is my current audio book. I started this one some time ago but after Nickel Boys and Underground Railroad I decided it was time to finish this up. The narrator is wonderful.

I never got out my book bingo card. This wasn’t the summer for that. But there have been books on my table, on my Kindle, and in my ears all summer long.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

5 thoughts on “3 books

  1. Duh! Never thought about adding the Audible version of Warmth of Other Suns to my library, too; thx for the suggestion.This is a good list of reads.

  2. i found Women Rowing North to be quite thoughtful and affirming. I also think that if you enjoy what you are reading and listening to, then your summer reading has been a success.

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