at the week’s end

I have started to write a blog post many times in the last few weeks but just couldn’t get one published. Ennui perhaps? The new school year is fully launched. I have made a number of small decisions over the last two weeks that are helping me stay focused and living purposefully. I want that to continue. There is much on my mind, ideas, hopes, plans, dreams. I can feel things beginning to take shape.

So today, at the week’s end, I wanted to stop in and share some gratitudes.

  • This beautiful hydrangea I received this summer,
  • Some good test results,
  • A fun time running a 5k with my daughters and a friend (so much fun!)
  • A new book study coming up
  • Small children filling our classrooms with laughter and joy.

Happy Friday. Hoping your week and the weekend ahead bring tiny gratitudes to you.

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10 thoughts on “at the week’s end

  1. I second Vera’s comments! Win! Win! all around . Hydrangeas in this part of country long gone – such a delight to see yours! Little ones laughter is such a joy.

  2. That’s a gorgeous hydrangea photo! And those are great things on your list, too. Here’s to being empowered by our goals!

  3. I love this! Just because we are back in the hustle and bustle doesn’t mean we let our purposeful living drop!! I saw you ran a race! Fun! I am considering a spring half but not sure yet. I was just asked to be on a one day walking relay in October!! I love having the goals to keep me moving and exercising.

  4. The hydrangea is beautiful. Thank you for the reminder toward gratitude. What a great way to end the week. Glad the test results were positive too. Enjoy those kiddos.

  5. Nice work on the 5K! Last week I brought in a bunch of hydrangea flowers to dry till next year. I love my plants and yours is very nice, too!.

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