A wee bit of unraveling

I have been knitting some donation hats. I try to keep them simple enough to finish quickly but I had these two yarns and I wanted to try stripes. At one point I wasn’t paying attention and switched colors a few stitches into the row. Did that twice actually and didn’t notice for another inch. Ugh. I unraveled and restarted and I am close to the crown decreases again. I finished a scarf on Saturday too. But that is for another post.

I finished a few books last week (all non-fiction) and I am still struggling to settle into some fiction. I think I’ll just go with it. Must be something I need to learn.

The school year is going smoothly, so far. I am trying to pay attention to the flow of my days and have been able to include some meditation, reading, and journaling to my morning routine. The rain and cooler days are lovely and have me dreaming of leggings, sweaters, and soup for lunch.

Today I will be thinking of the events from 18 years ago, appreciating my loved ones, and looking for opportunities to bring a bit of grace into the lives of those I encounter.

Off to check in with Kat and friends.

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9 thoughts on “A wee bit of unraveling

  1. Echo all the comments and so do love the way you’ve phrased/set an Intention for yourself “to bring a bit of grace into the lives of those you encounter…” In my experience, you do that with aplomb.
    The recipient of the hat will treasure it – love th color combo. Have a great day!

  2. I found this whole week to be a bit unraveled. I should take a few lessons from you and pay attention … and share grace. thank you my friend for the reminders!

  3. Great colors in the hat. I too like the idea of extending grace to those we meet. This week has been a little unraveled in my world. Today I’ll make a plan for next week and hope for calmer days.

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