3 things I have been avoiding

I’m sure I am not the only one with items on my To Do list that have been there far too long. Here are three items I was finally able to cross off.

  1. Finish the purple scarf. I wrote about this scarf here. Every time I picked up another knitting project that bag with the purple yarn taunted me. So last weekend I committed to getting it done and I did. It will be delivered on Saturday.
  1. Taking donation boxes to the Goodwill. My upstairs hallway has been getting harder to navigate. I have been decluttering since January and each month I would write Take boxes to Goodwill on my task list. And the next month I moved that task. But I have made progress! I took one load this week and have helpers who will help me move most of the remaining stuff on Saturday.
  2. Schedule annual exam. This is the first time in 30 years that I am overdue for this task but I did get it scheduled for the 24th so that one can also get crossed off.

Of course now I have some empty space on my To Do list. Wonder what I might add.

Off to visit Carole and friends.

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13 thoughts on “3 things I have been avoiding

  1. It feels so good to cross those “nagging” things off your to do lists, doesn’t it? My current bug-a-boo . . . is the 2 hefty bags full of documents and other paper “stuff” I need to drop off at the shredding center. They’re just sitting there. Waiting. And being eyesores. (Now I’m motivated, though. So thanks!)

  2. Yup – I have boxes and bags to take to Good Will or the Green Drop or somewhere – ANYWHERE. And other boxes of *stuff* I need to go through and sort. The mess is so annoying, but still it is difficult to get motivated to deal with it. I wonder why that is…

  3. THANK YOU. You just motivated me to complete a small stack of paperwork that’s been eyeballing me for nearly a month. It’s so funny how some things just become one’s nemesis…and the longer I walk around it, the more it eyeballs me!

  4. I patted myself on the back after doing some cleaning out and decluttering, but I should really have waited until I took the stuff to Goodwill. Maybe tomorrow? Thanks for the reminder push!

  5. Hooray for you! My upstairs landing is also a “loud and visible daily reminder “ to take stuff to donation center! I will do that Saturday! Thanks for the incentive! And the “neat” thing: I have other places that will fuel my “feel good” moments when I declutter them and donate or dispose of the contents. Enjoy your weekend!

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