Tiny moment Tuesday

I was taking our little person to visit his great grampa this weekend. We were playing a game of I spy with my little eye and I said I spy clouds. There was a moment of quiet and then, “Gramma! It’s a tower crane and it has two flags! Two flags Gramma!” I didn’t actually see the crane that day but I was stopped at a light yesterday and when I looked up, there it was! That crane with two flags!

I’m not sure how I got to be this old without knowing about the excitement of cranes with flags. This little boy helps me remember to look up so I don’t miss those #tinytinymoments

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9 thoughts on “Tiny moment Tuesday

  1. Those moments in the car are so special. Right now Jack is still facing backwards but he sings along when I play music he likes (Laurie Berkner is a fav) and it’s so sweet to hear his little voice.

  2. I think the older we get, the more we tend to see the big picture and miss the details. It’s always helpful to have the little people with us to remind us to look for the smaller things!

  3. O Wow! A perfect example of what those little eyes and their brains take in and process! Humbling and exciting all at once! We just don’t know what we just don’t know -they know! Thanks for sharing.

  4. oh my … everyone who was more timely in reading said what I’d planned to say (and some said things I didn’t even think to say but wish I would’ve). still … a nice lesson to take into tomorrow. and I LOVE the picture in my head of that little guy shouting “Gramma – TWO flags!!”

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