3 things

Here are three things that are making me happy right now:

New recipes and time to make a real grocery list

Fun yarn (thanks to Kym’s giveaway)

Time, time, time -for meal planning and grocery shopping and reading and sewing and knitting and whatever might come up. How did I not realize how much I needed to cut back to a four day work week? I know it is a privilege to cut back and I am trying to be mindful and grateful.

Off to visit Carole before heading to the grocery store.

Published by Juliann

Recently retired and ready for adventure

8 thoughts on “3 things

  1. I am jealous — a four-day workweek sounds so wonderful! I get one occasionally and am always amazed by how productive I am, so I can only speculate on how much more I’d get done if it was a regular thing. So enjoy!

  2. Four day work weeks are awesome. Over the summer I work 6 days a week, then we go to only working 2 days a week with 5 off, then it bumps back up to working 3 days a week. Having 5 days off is almost too much – it makes you resent the 2 days you do have to work. But working 3 days & having 4 off is glorious! Now, if I could only get excited about meal planning on those days off….. 🙂

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