Still learning

I’ve been walking with this word for nine months and I still find myself needing reminders to stop, take a deep breath, and rest. Such a balancing act.

How is your word showing up in your life these days?

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Published by Juliann

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9 thoughts on “Still learning

  1. That’s an excellent reminder. I’ve found myself out of sorts the last few days and, in talking with my life coach, she reminded me that I need to rest because I’ve been doing mentally hard stuff.

  2. I think years of absorbing the message go-go-go takes a long time to undo! It is so hard to “give ourselves permission” to just . . . rest. Hard work! So glad you’re sharing your journey with us. (I have been in such a scramble the last few weeks, I’ve had no time to even step back and think about my word! It’s my – intention – to get back to that this week.) XO

  3. I’ve lost my balance (my word) over the past month, but thank you for reminding me that balance and rest are important!

  4. I love your self-reminder: so simple and yet, so powerful! And your word is inspiration for us all! Thank you for inviting us to stop and focus on our words; I find it most habitual…pun intended!

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