Three Cuppa Thursday

I love coffee cups. When I started teaching, we used to get coffee cups from students all the time but that tradition seems to have faded. So now I buy my own. They have to be very lovely to earn a spot on my cup rack. There is one cup I have seen on Helen Stewart’s Instagram that makes my heart swoon but I have not yet found that up. For now, these are my current favorite cups.

The blue striped cup is about 8 oz. and perfect for an afternoon cuppa, usually a mushroom coffee with a bit of oat milk.

I first visited Think Coffee when I was in New York City, helping my sister find an apartment when she was relocating. I love the idea of a coffee shop with a mission. At Christmas that year I purchased cups and coffee for my coffee loving daughters. This is a lager cup, perfect for that first morning cuppa but it is a bit worn after three years of daily use.

The cup on the right is another smaller cup and the perfect vessel for a creamy, almond milk matcha.

Off to see what Carole and friends are sharing today.

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9 thoughts on “Three Cuppa Thursday

  1. I think our coffee cups are super important for setting the mood, I love the one on the right with the leaves. My favorite mug has a peace sign on it and it’s from a potter on Cape Cod. I use it every morning as a reminder to start the day in a peaceful way.

  2. I’m also a collector of mugs, though I had to stop buying any for a while because we ran out of cabinet space. I love having the choice of different sizes and shapes depending on what I’m drinking.

  3. I don’t have a collection of mugs … just one special one that a friend gifted me a few years ago. I like it because it’s on the small side, so it holds the perfect amount of hot coffee or milk to stay HOT until I finish it. I loved reading the comments; your readers also have some very cool cup collections!

  4. I love dishes in general, mugs in particular. I have quite a few but drink out of the same three or four. I try not to have more than I can keep in the cupboard but just this morning was thinking I needed one for autumn. I have quite a few Christmas mugs.

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