30 days of thankful #3

I have been playing around with non-dairy options for a few years. I first tasted oat milk at a local coffee shop. They used it in their matcha and sold small containers. But it was hit or miss. Seems it became very popular and was often sold out. Last spring I found that a local store was carrying the larger containers and have it in stock most of the time. Occasionally I will try another option (almond or hemp) but I always go back to this particular brand. Today I discovered their “ice cream” and of course I had to pick up a carton. I’ll let you know how it tastes. I am thankful that I live in an area where I have access to so many non-traditional foods. I know it is a privilege.

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6 thoughts on “30 days of thankful #3

  1. I don’t drink cow’s milk at all but I do enjoy almond milk with oatmeal. I hope the ice cream was delicious!

  2. I have heard GOOD things about oat milk! The only non-dairy milk I really like is Almond, and I don’t like it in coffee (thankfully, I can tolerate dairy since I’ve never been able to really enjoy black coffee) … I haven’t looked for oat milk … yet!

  3. I’m not a “milk” person either – never have been. It doesn’t agree with me but I can eat ice cream…go figure.I drink almond milk with my latte´ – otherwise, my decaf coffee is black! I’ll give the oat milk a try…thanks for the tip.

  4. I am a TOTAL milk person! I drink several glasses a day — plus put it in my cereal and tea (and half-and-half in my coffee). I do like almond milk — though I’ve not tasted oat milk (yet). I’m so glad you have access to good options!

  5. I put almond milk on oatmeal and sometimes in my decaf coffee. I can tolerate a limited amount of dairy but am trying some other options because of the nutrition research. Several family members are dairy intolerant and one grandson prefers oat milk. My daughter buys an almond-cashew blend for her young children at her doctor’s recommendation. I have used that at her home and like it as well as almond.

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