30 days of thankful #4

Between the time change (which always leaves me feeling off kilter) and car problems, I had to think extra hard to find thankful yesterday. But this little person makes it easy to grab gratitude and joy. Today I am thankful for the memory of simple things like gears, apple slices, and reading on the couch.

When I started 30 days of thankful, I didn’t know (or remember) about NaBloMoPo. It is a happy coincidence. For me, the idea came to me from a Cathy Zielske class and I want to give credit where credit is due.

Published by Juliann

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7 thoughts on “30 days of thankful #4

  1. This post contains the truth of the universe – the joy and wonder that tiny people are so full of is something that everyone should be thankful for!

  2. nanowrimo is such a draw to me, and yet I resist because I cannot imagine writing a book. My daughter is doing short stories and that seems a bit more manageable, assuming there is a more than one short story in my head!! I’ll stick to the daily drawing challenge that I do đŸ™‚ Love how your little grand is quickly growing!!!

  3. I just love this photo and how little ones [can ]
    perch on one or two legs…this is a good reminder for us older folk to slow down and find the joy in the everyday…

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