30 days of thankful #6

It’s early here. Quiet. I have had my time to meditate and journal. I am so thankful for this morning routine. It is helping me get over the hump of the time change. This week we have our daughter’s dog in the house and it is sweet to have her curled up on the floor, respecting my need for quiet and routine, and waiting patiently for me to fill her food bowl.

I have missed a lot of Unraveled Wednesdays and really have not had much unraveling to report. I am at a point on the Dominy where I need the recipient to try it on for length so I have turned my attention to the Flax sweater. I am loving the way these stripes are working out. I also have fingers itching to cast on another hat or perhaps a shawl. What are you knitting these days? Any gift knitting?

Off to join Kat before I head out into another dark morning.

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8 thoughts on “30 days of thankful #6

  1. Your stripes are SO cheerful. Love those colors. I’m knitting gift socks and enjoying that. Also the Canary blanket for my son – ot a surprise as he knows I’m knitting it and he picked the color. I have some plans for other gift knitting, but only time will tell if I get to it. No pressure here! Just simple enjoyment.

  2. I really like how that is knitting up!

    I’m feeling a bit scattered in my knitting these days, with several projects on the go, but I really need to focus on some design knitting. I am giving myself a bit of a break this year and only committing to one knitted gift, a pair of socks for my soon-to-be sister-in-law.

  3. That’s a great knitting photo. Those morning routines make all the difference, I think. No gift knitting here, although I am knitting a hat for Dale.

  4. I had a morning routine – early – when I was teaching. It set the tone for my day. I have a few gifts for a November birthday and for Christmas done. Currently working on hat and mitten sets for the grands. I love your bright oranges.

  5. What a great color combo for FALL! No gift knitting here, either … but for sure enjoying my morning routine. It makes me happy every morning and I find I look forward to getting out of bed knowing that hot coffee and quiet time await.

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