30 days of thankful #7

I am thankful to have access to fresh, clean water.

Here are my three favorite water bottles.

My sister gave me the Mt. Rainier bottle. It is very light and fits perfectly in my cup holder on my bicycle. It is best for room temp water because of the thin walls but I’m not much for iced water.

The wood grain bottle was another gift and every time I fill it up, I remember the gift giver. It is also smaller and can easily fit into an outside pocket of my purse.

I purchased the one on the right myself. It is a bit heavier and lightly insulated. I have had fun adding stickers. The pop top zipper and little loop make it the perfect everyday carry.

I’m heading over to read more Three Things stories on Carole’s blog this morning.

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9 thoughts on “30 days of thankful #7

  1. We have that S’well bottle in wood grain, too and it’s a favorite. We should never take for granted our access to fresh, clean water.

  2. I’m so glad you mentioned clean water. We just moved in with my MIL because she needs constant care and it’s been sort of a miserable experience so far. (We’ve only been here 1 week.) But you made me realize one Huge benefit of living with her (besides the obvious.) She has THE best well water, and I drink a Lot of water. We were buying our water before but now it’s available at the twist of a tap. No more lugging 1,000 gallon jugs of water into the house each week. Yay! Thank you for the positive reminder. I needed that! 🙂

  3. Clean drinking water is something I think we often take for granted, and I am so thankful for it! We have an awesome water filtration system at work that I use all the time because I find I have fewer health issues if I stay well hydrated.

  4. I read an article (in the Times?) this morning about how terrible the water is in many places … we are so fortunate to have good, clean water where we live! I am a room temperature or hot water drinker. Something about cold water gives me a stomach ache.

  5. “Cool, clear water” – my dad’s fave song! And truly something we all need …and it is so totally unfathomable that we have cities in this country that don’t have water! I always have a glass of H2O at hand. Love your water bottles.

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