30 days of thankful #11

I am thankful for surprise moments of remembering mom. I found this Lecreuset Dutch oven ten years ago when I was helping mom and dad move out of their big house. It was in the original box and had never been used. Dad didn’t want it so I took it home. I have only recently begun to use it but every time I pull it out, I think about mom. I wonder when she acquired this lovely Dutch oven and why she never used it. I remember the times we would meet for a quick cup of coffee and how we would talk non-stop. And I remember the times, years later when Alzheimer’s had drained her of conversation, and how we would just sit. I am thankful for all the memories.

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8 thoughts on “30 days of thankful #11

    1. Thanks I try to focus in the good memories but somethings I am struck by the missed opportunities for asking better questions. Juliann

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  1. beautiful memories. I was just thinking of my mom when I was going through my jewelry looking for what needs to be fixed and came across her stuff that I inherited. Sweet memories of her.

  2. I love it when I am reminded of my Mom. Last week was her birthday and she loved fall so she has been on my mind. I’m glad you have those sweet memories. It has taken a long time for the good ones to replace the sadness of the last illness of my Mom’s life.

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