30 days of thankful #12

Almost two weeks into this thankful practice and I have yet to mention coffee. I have switched from being an all day coffee drinker to a coffee before 10 am drinker but I am so thankful that I have not needed to completely give up coffee. I am learning to love an afternoon cuppa tea or a golden milk latte (no caffeine) and I found a mushroom mocha that makes a lovely evening drink – with Reshi which helps with sleep.

So today, and most every day, I am thankful for that first cup of coffee.

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7 thoughts on “30 days of thankful #12

  1. I am a one cup in the morning and occasionally a cup in the afternoon coffee drinker. If I ever had to give it up, I don’t know what I would do…

  2. I had to give up coffee for a while until I got my GERD under control, but now that I can drink it again I so appreciate that first cup in the morning! I usually have two cups over breakfast and then have a cup of green tea at work. If I need something warm in the evening, it’s always decaf or herbal. I am intrigued by the mushroom mocha. Does it taste like coffee?

  3. I have 2 cups of coffee every morning. But that’s it. After that, I switch to herbal teas (for the most part). (And I can’t imagine started my day WITHOUT those 2 cups of coffee. . . )

  4. ok, BIG coffee drinker here … I switch to decaf after the first two cups, but I will gladly drink it all day long. even so, the first cup is ALWAYS my favorite too!

  5. I had to give up caffeine so begin with decaf green tea. Now and then I splurge on a decaf latte because it tastes so much better than the decaf coffee I make at home. The mushroom mocha sounds intriguing.

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