30 days of thankful #13

I am thankful that I have finally turned the corner on adjusting to the time change. Honestly, this has been the hardest time for me. Hoping the adjustment sticks.

I did have some intentional unraveling this week. Pictured above is the hem of my Stopover. This was my first bottom up sweater I made and it was just a bit too short. I tried blocking it but the yarn is quite springy. I finally went in and began to unravel the hem. I will add an inch more of the gray and then do a slightly longer ribbed edging. It was harder to unravel because of the bottom up construction but I managed to get the right number of stitches picked up. Now I need about 30 minutes of good light to get those first rows done and I’m on my way. I also unraveled the neckline and will do an i-cord bind off so it isn’t snug on my neck.

Linking up with Kat today. Be sure to visit her for more tales of unraveling.

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9 thoughts on “30 days of thankful #13

  1. Love the colors of your Stopover. I have that pattern and have been toying with it…but I may try to do it top down. I need to think about it.

  2. Congrats on overcoming the unraveling and getting the right # stitches on the needle. Glad you are adjusting better this time to the time change!
    Cheers ~

  3. I bet you will be much happier with a little longer sweater. Great fix for such pretty yarns. I have a sweater I never wear and you’ve inspired me to figure out another way to use the yarn. I have always loved the color so I may unravel the whole thing and knit it into something else. – I think this is a January project though.

  4. I’m quite impressed that you decided to fix the too-short sweater … and picked out the bottom-up edge to do it! (also that you are almost to the halfway point of daily blogging this month 🙂

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