30 days of thankful #20

The mornings are very cold (for my part of the world that would be mid-30’s) and my new office space has a wall of windows which gives me some great light but also makes it colder. Today I am thankful for wool sweaters and reasons to wear them. And I am thankful that my plan to give this sweater a second chance worked out so well.

I am currently reading a mystery, The Two Lila Bennetts. I thought I had it figured out but there are some new twists and I’m not sure now. It is light reading, perfect for this busy time of year. I am also looking for some good knitting podcasts so recommendations are welcome.

Off to visit Kat this morning.

Published by Juliann

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10 thoughts on “30 days of thankful #20

  1. Love that gold and the subtle pop of blue. Very pretty. My space at work is next to a big window too, and I know what you mean – the light is wonderful, but oh so cold!!! It’s good to have hand knits to keep us cozy warm.

  2. The color combination in your sweater is very striking. I am glad you have warm sweaters for work. I recall one of my offices in a portable with little insulation. We nearly froze during the winters. Wool to the rescue. I was never so glad to be a knitter.

  3. LOVE the neckline on that sweater! I’m loving cardigans right now. seems like some of the places I am are hot … and some are cold. and being able to slip in and out of that layer is huge.

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