30 days of thankful #26

My year with this word – REST – is coming to a close. I have enjoyed living with this word and I am thankful for everyone who has joined my monthly link ups. The encouragement has been amazing. This month I have been finding rest in my new meditation habit and my walks on the trail. I don’t think I am done learning what it means to invite REST into my life. In fact, I just found this article on REST. So much still to learn.

How has your word been showing up this month? Link up here

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10 thoughts on “30 days of thankful #26

  1. I’ve found that when I choose a word that’s just right for me it stays with me long after that year is over. I think you will find that happens for you with rest.

  2. Like Carole, some of my words – the most important of my words – stay with me for years! It’s so nice . . . when we find just the word we need.

  3. I second Carole’s and Kym’s thoughts… I have a feeling that focus is now part of my being. My challenge will be to build on that next year!

    I want to thank you for hosting us each month to share our progress. It has become an important part of my month!

  4. Like Kat’s word Focus for her, I think Rest has been the perfect word for you. (And I really enjoyed the article you linked – thank you!)

  5. My word sits in front of me daily – in a variety of ways…for sure it will stay at the forefront in certain areas…to be continued…
    Congrats to you for “living” your word so thoroughly this year!

  6. I’ve found more meaning in this year’s OLW journey and I’m convinced much has to do with these monthly check-in’s. Thank you! ALSO, that REST article is so good! LOVE that Rest can be productive SOUL work. YES!

  7. Your word has clearly been very meaningful for you this year, and really resonated through your days … Thank-you for the link – I’ve been wandering around there for the last half hour :).

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