30 days of thankful #30

Today I am thankful for transitions. The weekend will be full of putting away November and welcoming in December. I will help decorate the sanctuary for Advent this morning and then head over to visit dad. I picked up an amaryllis for his room to bring in some color and serve as a memory of mom’s tradition of giving us each an amaryllis in December.

Tonight we will have leftovers and finish watching our traditional Thanksgiving weekend movie series.

Tomorrow I will begin the journey of Advent. Advent wreathes and candles are a solid part of my Christmas traditions but I am ready for some new practices. I followed a link from Mary to this devotional. It speaks into my hopes for an Advent practices that reaches outward. I also gifted this Advent set to our grandson because I know his parents want him to have meaningful connections.

It has been good to share these 30 days of thankful. I have noticed how my mind is focusing on gratitude and blessings and perhaps that is best thing to be thankful for as I wrap up the month. Thank you for reading and commenting and encouraging.

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5 thoughts on “30 days of thankful #30

  1. I am thankful for transitions today as well. Like you, we are transitioning to December and I feel good about the progress we have made. That nativity set is adorable and I’m sure your little guy will love it.

  2. I always like transitions … hoping Advent is a time which is rich in meaning for you. How lovely that you gifted an Advent set – I am sure it will be treasured.

  3. Thank you for inviting us to join you in your 30 Days of Gratitude; each day has been instrrumental in my own recognition of how grateful I am for the life I live and especially, the people who make this- my life – even more special. thank you.
    The nativity set is adorable and I imagine it will be a much loved Christmas memory.

  4. Your daily posts have helped keep me focused as well .. thank you! (and I am so happy to have passed along a meaningful Advent connection for you 🙂

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