Hello December

After my 30 days of thankful, it felt odd taking a day off but it was a day well spent. The weather was cold so I bundled up and went for a gentle run – a habit I am trying to revive. For a few years I participated in a run streak – at least one mile a day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. I don’t see that happening this year but what about knitting at least 15 minutes a day? I can get behind that idea! I also spent time working in my planner and getting reset for the week followed by some cooking and reading and watching my husband get there lights on the tree.

In the evening there was time for a bit of scrolling. I have been choosing a word for each year, primarily guided by Ali Edwards. This year my word, REST, settled into my life in a new way and took me down paths of discovery that could not be contained on a scrapbook page. About a month ago, I was in a small group and a word kept coming up. I asked if anyone knew about word origins and when we looked it up, some of the words I had been considering were referenced. Fast forward about 3 weeks when I was listening to a new to me podcast where they talked about choosing a word for 2019. One of the hosts mentioned a website but since I was driving, I couldn’t write it down. After a few searches, I finally came up with the right link and found this. There are some wonderful resources if you are still thinking about a new word.

Happy Monday. Have a wonderful week.

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8 thoughts on “Hello December

  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve got my word, though I’m not sharing it just yet. But I think it’ll be quite fitting after what’s looking like a crazy end to 2019!

  2. I’ve nearly a dictionary of possibilities for 2020; thanks for the link – perhaps it’ll help me narrow the field…I have decided to continue my 2019 word into 2020 until I am confident that I’ve broken/made one HABIT ( my word) in particular.

  3. What an intriguing link – thank-you so much for this. I’ve bookmarked it for perusing later with a hot cup of tea :). A new word has not come to me yet – I may continue with this year’s, or a variant perhaps. Knitting sounds infinitely more do-able in the winter than running outside, and with the bonus that you have something to show for it!

  4. oooh, that knitting is lovely! as is your commitment to get outdoors. I have pretty much committed to my treadmill for the season (like I told my friend this morning – it’s ALWAYS 68 degrees on the treadmill and there’s no wind), but I don’t mind the occasional walk outside. Looking forward to the OLW “reveals” for 2020. I have a word in mind …

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