3 books

My reading mojo has been off and on this year but I do have assembled a small stack that I am hoping to finish by the end of December.

Washington Black has been on my radar for a while. I found a paperback copy at the library and have read the first few chapters. It seems to have mixed reviews but I think I will stick with it. The nice thing about library paperbacks is that they are easier to renew.

I started Sacred Rhythms earlier this fall but set it aside. I am reading this book as part of my Advent study. This is a book that keeps showing up on different lists and resources and it is a good companion to the season.

I actually won An Orchestra of Minorities on Goodreads. I got the notice and then forgot about it. Yesterday I got an email from Goodreads asking if I wanted to review the book I won and I replied that I had not received it. Later in the day it showed up on my porch so now it is in my TBR pile.

I had a minor unraveling of my blanket project but that is back in track. Just two weeks until Christmas break with lots of time for reading and knitting.

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10 thoughts on “3 books

  1. I have that cup! “Birds of a feather… “ Your three books all sound interesting, especially the one you’re reading for Advent. Amazed that your GoodReads win arrived so fast!
    Enjoy your reading & knitting this weekend!

  2. You’re lucky to have won a giveaway, and I love that you sort of summoned it by saying it hadn’t arrived yet. I hope you have many good hours of reading!

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