I enjoy connecting. I reply to blog posts and Instagram stories. I love a good email chat and more recently some Facebook time with ladies I have met online. I’ve told you before about connecting with quilters around the country. When I went on my trip to Shetland, I found a way to make a side trip to visit a little yarn store run by a woman I first knew through blogging but later rediscovered on Instagram. It’s a bit daunting to be at a quilt or yarn event and see someone you know from their online presence. Should I say hello and say I follow them? Does that sound stalkerish? The extrovert in me says go for it while the introvert puts up caution flags.

A few weeks ago I heard Rowena say she was coming to Seattle and would love to have a meet up. I have enjoyed her notebooks and her very generous approach to being a business owner so I sent her a message to say yes. I arranged to have the afternoon off and mapped the location of the meet up. Monday morning I almost backed out. I am so happy I went. Rowena is lovely and the other woman who joined us is so creative and talented. We visited a paper store and then settled in at a coffee shop and chatted away. We shared notebooks and ideas about using notebooks, writing, and all things associated.

So here is my advice. If you get the chance to make an offline connection with an online friend – do it?

p.s.  If you are ever in Seattle let me know.  Maybe we can meet!

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11 thoughts on “Connecting

  1. I can totally relate to almost backing out – I have done that myself too often and it’s always best to just GO. Glad you had a fun afternoon!

  2. I remember the first time I met an online friend for the first time (it was Margene!) . . . and I was so very nervous. I almost backed out. But. I didn’t! And it was wonderful! And now, I never hesitate to meet up with an online friend in real life. It’s such a treat. (And if I’m headed to Seattle, I’ll be in touch.) XO

  3. Yay you for reaching out and following through … I wish I could’ve been there with y’all. Chatting with like-minded gals about notebooks and paper sounds perfectly delightful!

  4. I so understand where you’re coming from! The internet has been great for enabling a shy person like me to make friends, but it can be hard to take that next step to meet people face to face. When I do, though, I’m nearly always glad that I did.

  5. So pleased you went ahead and had the chance to meet – and what’s not to like about notebooks and writing and a coffee shop :). I’ve had some blog friends for years now, and really value their friendship.

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