Unraveled Wednesday

Today I want to talk about using all your beautiful things. Six years ago this month I went on a little field trip to Churchmouse Yarns. It was a Christmas gift to my daughter. While we were there, I found some lovely yarns that would make a beautiful chevron blanket. I brought those yarns home and started, unraveled, and started again. I did this a few times before I put the yarn safely away.

Thanksgiving weekend I found my hands itching for a simple, social knitting project. I dug through my yarn and found the skeins, all caked up and waiting. What was I waiting for? The perfect project? The perfect timing? I kept thinking, use your beautiful things. The yarn, the fabric, the paper, the pens, the stickers, the washi tape. Stop waiting and start using. It has been wonderful to dig in and use some of the beautiful things I have been collecting. I am close to the halfway point on this blanket. I put together a December daily box with a small notebook and lots of pretty journaling supplies. Next up I plan to pull out some different teacups, some beautiful cups that deserved to be used.

I am enjoying Washington Black on audio and The Almost Dancer (written by a friend’s daughter-in-law) on my Kindle. And I might be counting the days until Christmas break!

Off to visit Kat today.

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15 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday

  1. I completely agree! So many times I have put something away to keep it for a special occasion and then never used it. Life is so unpredictable that we shouldn’t wait!

    By the way, the mushroom mocha you sent arrived yesterday — thank you! I’m really looking forward to trying it.

  2. Yes, thanks for the reminder. I have some lovely china teacups that I need to use when I have tea. The blanket is so pretty. Glad you are enjoying knitting it.

  3. This is a perfect and timely reminder. I remember years ago a friend went to France and brought me fabric as a gift. I had it on a shelf in my sewing room and she kept asking me when I would use it and I said, some day I will but once I use it I will no longer have . . . fabric from France. It was a silly notion but I really had a hard time using it because it was so special.

  4. For decades I’ve had a set of 12 fine crystal clear stemmed water glasses, seldom used. The last two times I’ve pulled them out in this year, I’ve managed to break one…so, now, I’m down to 10! I decided, after the 2nd one got broken (and I did it) that I’d start using those glasses…even if more wind up being broken. They are beautiful and bring back treasured memories of the person who gifted them. So yeah, I wholeheartedly endorse “use your beautiful things.”

  5. I agree with you. Why do we hold back “precious” items? They should be used and enjoyed. I set a crystal bowl that belonged to my grandmother on the table and filled it with German stars (paper stars – handmade by my sister) I love looking at it.

  6. Every time I hesitate to use something lovely (because saving it) (for what I have no idea), I try to tell myself to go ahead and use it. Thanks for a lovely reminder. XO

  7. What a great reminder! I had my own reminder a few days ago. I went deep, deep stash pile searching and found a beautiful and expensive skein that I’d been saving for “that special project.” But I’d been saving it so long, a dark red skein had been touching it and some of the red dye had stained the gorgeous, previously non-red skein. I was heart broken and definitely reminded that nothing is special when you have to throw it away.

  8. Such a great reminder! A couple years ago, I took my every day dishes to the thrift shop and began using the special ones for every day. Yes, one has been chipped, but now I enjoy them every single day! I need to apply this to my fabric stash!

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